Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Potato. And Grapes.

Really the world is divided in two: potatoes and grapes. 

I am a grape. Sydney is a grape. Husband and Jackson are potatoes.  In fact, I am told, most males are potatoes and most females are grapes, though there are exceptions.

There are exceptions that prove the rule.  Jackson tells me his Uncle D is definitely a grape, as well as his boy cousin, K.   He agrees his Auntie L (married to Uncle D) is a potato. Do potatoes attract grapes and vice versa

Normally you can't be both, though Jackson advises that his Auntie R. is a rare breed and  is what can only be described as a grapish potato. (For the record, I think she is clearly a potato.)

This all started when Jackson asked me "I can you tell B and B apart, you know"

B and B are non identical twin friends.   I asked him how.

"B has a potato head. It's thin like mine.  B had a grape head. It's round like yours."

And so began the great division that is potatoes. And grapes.

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