Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conspiracy Theory

Jackson said to me rather matter-of-factly over dinner one night:

"Did you know that the US government, NASA and the elites are building underground bunkers because they think the world is going to end in 2012?"

I tried not to roll my eyes.  They got to him.

"I saw it on YouTube."

Clearly our random spot checks of his YouTube searches is no longer an adequate surveillance system.

He explained the reasoning behind Apocolypse 2012 conspiracy and the end of the Mayan calendar, reciting the doomsdays scenarios that theorists have been peddling.  And making a keen living at.

"You see these people that lived a long time ago made a calendar that ends on December 21, 2012 and SOME PEOPLE  think the world will end on that day."

He paused. I waited.

"But I don't believe that.  But the US government, NASA and the elites do."

"I very much doubt that. Who are the elites anyway?" I ventured.

"They are the people that believe the world will end in 2012 and they will get to be in the bunkers".

Jackson does not like to be disbelieved so nothing but a trip to the fount of all knowledge, YouTube, would satisfy. We sat down as he played the video, which it turns out was actually the first 8 minutes of a show hosted by Jesse Ventura titled Conspiracy Theory.  The pretext premise of the show is to examine theories to see if there might be any truth to them.  I have never watched this show, but the smart money would say that most of the theories while not positively proven true, but a strong suggestion that they might be so.  This particular 8 minute clip introduced the theory while Jesse Ventura said probative and weighty things like "I need to check this out myself". 

The theory was that the US government (and NASA and the elites) felt that the end was nigh and were building themselves bunkers and would leave the rest of us to perish.  It was not explained how the bunkers would be impermeable to whatever (e.g. solar flares) caused the end.

As the video played, Jackson said "See!!!" repeatedly as Jesse Ventura, ace detective, went about investigating the theory.  We did not even get to the point where Mr. Ventura actually said he believed it. Just repeating the assertions seemed proof enough for the J Boy.

He pointed out that this was not just YouTube but the much more credible source "an ACTUAL TV show."

Even if it is one called Conspiracy Theory.

I Googled "apocalypse 2012" and came across a documentary of a (more) credible source, the CBC, where it investigated the claims.  I played it.  As the narrator explained the theory that some believe solar flares will occur and because of a hole in the electromagnetic shield, the earth will be vulnerable and will burn up.

Jackson hear "solar flares .... earth ... burn up" and says "SEEE!!!!!" pointing to the screen as if I've just proved him right.

When a NASA scientist came on to explain how the whole solar flare theory was bunk, I suggested that NASA was going on record as saying it did not believe.

But Jackson's eyes had glazed over and he said he was bored and he went looking for snacks.

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