Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dress Up

Dress up used to mean, before my kids got to elementary school, putting on funny hats, necklaces, a tutu and an old pair of swimming goggles.  
I swear, no alcohol was involved.
 Or perhaps a pair of your brother's underwear.
We call this the superhero look.
But then we were introduced to the great fun of dress up days in elementary school.

We have had notices home about crazy hat days, crazy hair days, backwards days.  Those are tolerably easy to cope with assuming someone is at all on top of the laundry situation and we have more than a couple days notice.

I blogged about the nightmare of Twins Day a couple years ago. This is where kids not only have to dress up as something, but the same as someone else.  Wardrobe coordination with, as it turned out, a moving target.

I do not exaggerate when I tell you in the past ONE week we have FOUR dress up days at our school.  Last Thursday was Vancouver Canucks day owing to a member of the Canucks coming to the school.  I won't bore you with the protracted negotiations about who got to wear the one Canucks jersey we own. 

Friday was one year from the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics and "Canada wear" was the order of the day.  By a divine fluke, I had done laundry AND had washed the kids' matching Canada shirts just days before.

Monday was Valentines Day and wear red or pink day -- though my kids celebrated on the couch with red and pink cheeks as opposed to at school owing to a nasty virus.

But what really takes the cake was Wednesday or RED CARPET DAY. Kids were to dress up as a) their favourite star or b) someone dressed up for the red carpet.

For that one girl in grade 5 who dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween, this was a beautiful thing. The rest of us were scratching out heads.
Disco Dress circa 2009

Sydney had the basis of what I thought was a suitable outfit.  We call it her disco dress owing to excessive amount of sequins.  No one can pull off the look but her.

It is now more of a disco top but I thought with black leggings and boots it could be red carpet worthy.  Maybe just some gloves or fancy hair accessory.

What the FRACCKKKK am I supposed to do with the J Boy?   I may as well be dressing him up as a mythological sea creature.  I followed Husband's advice and asked the boy himself for ideas.  His response:

"I have no idea Mommy, but I have to dress up for the red carpet on Wednesday. It's in my planner".

I swooned at the confidence he had in me.  I did a mental inventory of his clothes.  We have no tuxedo, dinner jackets or even proper button down shirts that look like they should be worn anywhere but the beach.  I was not willing to spend a lot of money on any of these items that will never be worn again.

He does have a white turtleneck. I thought if he wore with navy cargo pants and I could find a bow tie somewhere, we might have the makings of something. Husband suggested sunglasses and {shudder} product in his hair to give him the air of cool.

And so off I went to the mall in search of red carpet wear. 

I was not alone, as I met two other families from school at Claire's, looking for accessories to complete the outfit. One was looking to duplicate Katy Perry and the other Lola, the purple haired alter ego of Hannah Montana's sidekick Lily. Suddenly, looking for a bow tie didn't seem all that bad!

Imagine my astonishment when after circling Claire's only 14 times, I found gloves and a hair band full of sequins to complete Sydney's outfit.

I found some hair accessories with bows on them that I thought I could jerryrig into a fake bow tie for the J Boy.  One of the other moms with older boys said she would LEND us a bow tie which was even more fantastic.

When the day came, the kids spent the morning convalescing on the couch owing to the stubborn virus.  I deemed them healthy enough for the couple hours of school in the afternoon.  Sydney cleaned up nicely for her red carpet look:
A perfect red carpet starlet.
Jackson refused to wear the bow tie.  He grudgingly put on the sunglasses so I could take a picture.  Turns out he looked exactly like a very famous person:
Would you believe, Stevie Wonder?

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