Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, I Never ...

... thought it would happen. But parts of our basement are actually usable. 

Regular readers will recall last August, we decided to make a grown up office in the former (but little used) upstairs playroom.  The kids already had a play area in the basement. So we consolidated in the name of having the people who actually pay the mortgage, enjoying a little more square footage.

But we never quite got the new basement playroom organized.  My Dad has some problems remembering his PIN numbers, and then we were in the fall busy season and finding time to shower and brush my teeth was a challenge.

At one point (Thanksgiving??) when my family was coming over, I shoved everything in baskets, drawers and boxes.  But successive play dates undid that and it looked like a gigantic pinata has exploded leaving toys everywhere. You couldn't even walk. It was so demoralizing.

Then just before Christmas we had our old Nanny for a couple days. She and the kids managed to stash a lot of the toys back into basket, drawers and boxes so it was little more encouraging. I spend December 31st making it look like this:

You have not idea how this makes my heart sing.

Though the real challenge was our storage room.  It has moved beyond disaster and right into death trap.  It is a room we never really organized when we moved into the house in 2006.  Or since.  More and more stuff accumulated.  The kids, though expressly banned, would sneak in to play with the Halloween costumes because "our cousins wanted to have a spooky party, really Mommy, it's not our fault".

Eventually, every mission to retrieve the coffee urn  or extra chairs became a dangerous adventure. Partly because there was precious little floor space. So you pretty much had to stand on something. Half the time that was a battery operated Halloween decoration which would make ones heart jump when hearing a manically "HA HA HA WELCOME TO MY LAIR".  If you tried to grab onto a shelf full of boxes to catch your balance, you would realize that it was, owing to the negligence of former owners, not attached. More than one time I suffered near fatal crush injury as a slide projector, guitar and boxes of Christmas ornaments came down on me.

So Christmas was the perfect time to dig into this storage room.  Husband brought me some new Rubbermaid totes and I completely revamped my Christmas box organization.  Then I organized the Halloween boxes and Easter before I realized that seasonal decorating has really got out of control in this house.   

Husband and I emptied out the storage room (by "Husband and I" I mean I pointed to stuff and Husband moved it). We realized that well over half of the stuff was designated for sell/giveaway/throwaway.  I mean what are you going to do with that many baby clothes when you have your sights on your 50th birthday.  A little quality time, me with my label maker and Husband with his drill (to attach the shelves to their brackets) we were ready to reload the room.

No one was more shocked than me at the room we have left over. Or that we didn't even need new shelving units to stack all the stuff:
We actually have empty space.
It turns out, we are not hoarders after all.   Just extremely lazy.  We only have our seasonal decorating items and a few things that are used infrequently in this room. Husband and I have each one box of "nostalgia" where we keep treasures from our childhoon. I'm pretty sure that gold painted eggshell vase or macaroni art bible verse I made in elementary school is going to work into a decorating scheme one of these years.

For those who may be jealous and think my entire house is now organized and I can finally put the kids' baby books together, this is what our guest room looks like. It's mostly stuff to give away:
But in the good news department, I found the one box I never got unpacked from our move  of 2006 and we are officially moved into our forever house.

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