Friday, January 14, 2011


We started the new year full of optimism and hope. And then it got cold and snowed and our kids needed to take gloves to school.

So in addition to making sure the school backpacks had lunches and snacks and water and homework and planners and home reading books and field trip forms and recorders and gym strip and spare clothes, we had to make sure that each kid has one set of preferably matching gloves.

If there is anything that is more elusive than matching socks and clean underwear, it's matching gloves.  The dearth of gloves is a long standing problem in this house.  Thank goodness we live on the west (wet) coast where snow is infrequent and rain is our winter nemesis.

Now Santa must have know of our glove angst since both kids received a pair in their preferred colour (red/pink) in their stocking.  You add to this the 4 pairs I bought this fall, and we should have been tripping over the things.

Since the new year, it has been a morning ritual for Husband or I to race madly around the house looking for 4 gloves.  It would help if either Husband or I would remember to start the search the night before.

I will add that gloves are a PERFECT chew toy for a teething puppy.  Sydney sometimes puts gloves in the side pocket of her backpack, which is very convenient for a certain white ball of fur to access.  It also did not help that the kids wanted to bring their new gloves to school.

On Wednesday we'd had an overnight snow.  It had turned to rain by the morning and it was a soupy mess.  Husband and I were going to drive in to work together after he dropped the kids off at school.  (I was trying to coax a bowel movement out of the dog, who seemed reluctant to do so on a mushy pile of snow.)

Husband came home from dropping off the kids with the news that Jackson did not have gloves and we needed to find a pair.  With BOTH of us around for the morning festival of hostility and complaint   before school routine (which virtually never happens), we had somehow forgotten to do the glove search mission. 

We started a quadrant search of the basement and found 5 gloves.  This would have been good news if we had managed to find two the same colour or at least size or even a left and a right.  None of them were the red and black pair that Jackson wanted.   I went upstairs and managed to find one that matched one of our singles.  Unfortunately this was the smallest pair we owned, ones that Jackson wore in preschool.

As neither Husband nor I were willing to sacrifice any more of more of our work day in the endeavour, we took our too small pair.  My plan was to stuff them into Jackson's backpack without him seeing.  If he saw them he'd say "I wore those when I was a baby!!!!".  My plan was for him to confront the whole baby gloves when I was not there to receive his vitriol.  I did know that it is not a matter of vitriol denied, but vitriol delayed and we would surely pay later.

On the short drive to school we lamented the loss of the red and black pair of gloves (which we assumed were gone forever) and the fact that we had so many unmatched solos .  Husband looked down and saw a navy and grey glove under his foot that was the mate of one of the gloves in our orphan group at home.  He looked around and found another match.  Well, that's something.  Two matched pair as backup for tomorrow.

I was running to the school with the baby gloves when John called from the van. He had found the elusive black and red pair in a dark corner of the van.  And for one shining moment all was well in the gloved world.  Perhaps with the extra time tomorrow, we should clean out the van.


Eschelle said...

too cute!! you should get them all personalized so they might want to try to mot misplace them lol!!

Kelli said...

thank you for making me laugh. I so feel your pain, when we lived up North I bought so many pairs of gloves. And for some reason the boy especially could never seem to find the same pair two days in a row.