Monday, December 27, 2010

Snapshot of Christmas

Official Christmas 2010 photo.

Cupcakes for Jesus' birthday.

When exactly did she get to be so grown up?!?!?

Finnegan enjoying her first Christmas under close supervision.

Christmas Eve presents!

Santa came!!!!

Rubik's slide!

  Cinnamon buns for breakfast Christmas morning!

Opening family gifts.
Some of us need help opening gifts.

Some of us needed even more help.

Finnegan opening a gift: a new bed.
Because she dug holes in the old one.

Did you notice the matching wrapping?
This is no accident.
Safe harbour.

Every year we give the kids a Christmas ornament. This years offering:
Santa hats.

So when they grow up and move out, they will have their very own
collection of tacky and dated ornaments.

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Anonymous said...

Heather you have such a way with words...looks like you had a lovely Christmas and you always make me want to write in my blog more.