Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Certainty

Jackson informed us that he had categorical proof that Santa exists.

He wrote a letter to Santa. At the north pole. And he received a letter back.

This in itself is not new. The last two years the kids wrote letters at school and received responses. Jackson took this as a positive indicator. Last year the letters came COLD which further buttressed support for the argument as the letters must have come from the north pole.

Alas, in grade four there was no class writing assignment to Santa.  So Jackson wrote him a letter. His first effort went like this:

Dear Santa
This Chrismas I'd like somthing .... Well somthing I like. if it has
c)screens (not reccomended)

Why did I say "not reccomended" I mean I want some screen free gifts why'd I say "some" because I'd like 1-2 screen gifts. example:

1. D.S.i
2. iPod touch

have a merry Christmas Santa

Sincerly #1 fan


I figured that I really needed to help Santa out.  This is really more of a riddle than a letter with any concrete requests.  When Jackson bought himself an iTouch with his birthday and allowance money a couple weeks before Christmas, I suggested he might want to amend his letter. 

He said "Yeah, Mommy, I'll just make that my first draft".

I reminded him that since he has spent all his accumulated allowance on his iTouch, he might want to ask, as he had already mused, for an iTunes card so he could buy some apps.

This was his second effort:

Dear Santa

This Christmas I'de like a i-tunes card a rubex cue the "stink" seirise of book's I'm not sure if this exits but I'de also like a mystery kit (example: kit with note pad magnified glass ect.) and possibly a D.S.I. Marry Christmas!

P.S. I'll leave cookies milk & carrots on Christmas eve.

We mailed this letter off to the north pole. And just a few days before Christmas he received a response.  It was mostly a newsy letter, saying how they have recently expanded the toy workshop at the north pole.

But what convinced Jackson beyond a shadow of a doubt?

The letter from Santa had no smears. Our printer has been smearing everything from grocery lists to emails for weeks.  So Jackson concluded that he had categorical proof of Santa.

Sydney needs no such evidence to prove the existence of Santa. She is a fervent believer.  Just this week she mentioned how one of her friends had a toy that broke.  Jackson has the identical toy, except that Jackson got his from Santa.  Sydney said "Jackson's will never break. Because it was made by Santa's elves. They make things way better than the stores."

This year Sydney asked Santa for a Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker.  Her letter back from one of Santa's elves said that Santa would do the best he could, but it was a very popular item.  You have no idea the trouble Santa went to. International shipping, phone calls, on-line inventory checks. And a good old fashioned lesson in economics:  when supply is low, the price sought and received will be well above market.

Some Christmas morning magic:

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