Saturday, December 4, 2010

Puppy Update

How are things going with the puppy? 

My complete absence from blogging resulted from a lot of puppy surveillance.  One of us needs to be near her. Initially, we monitored her for signs of wanting to pee and poo inside.  Now she rings her bell to go out:
So now we just need to make sure she doesn`t pull up the carpet, chew on the furniture or eat the goldfish. She loves to chew on things. Sometimes even her own toys:
 Outside she is happiest. You know, chewing on sticks:
Or digging. 
 Which creates a bit of a messy puppy.
But she cleans up nicely:
She is a lot smaller after her bath:
We struggled a little getting up at night with her. But she is quite happy sleeping in her crate all night now:
Our biggest challenge lately has been getting her not to nip, bite, chew on our hands and bite on our clothes. We actually think she is now listening to us as we no longer feel the need to change into "Finnegan clothes" before greeting her.

We are now looking for a way to transfer her listening skills to the kids.

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