Sunday, November 7, 2010


November is a lull. At least in comparison to the breakneck speed of September and October. Halloween was the explosion of fireworks that ended the festival of busy.

This past week has been eerily quiet while I am metaphorically mopping of the mess. Reviewing to-do lists from the past months. Figuring out what I have forgotten to do for the past two months (work out). But most of my time was spent ignoring the Halloween decorations, costumes and makeup that needed to be put away.

I found myself a little at "sixes and sevens" as my Husband calls it. That must be a British-ism as I have never heard it except from him or his parents.  I have felt a little lost.  It's like the past 2 months have made me some kind of adrenalin junkie. I can't function unless I am looking for a compass for a Cubs camp out, navy slacks for a Brownie uniform and madly searching for field trip notice that I'm pretty sure I left underneath the toaster 2 weeks previous.

With only a normal amount of things to do, I don't know what to do with myself. While I could have cleaned the long neglected house or at least put away a few tombstones, I spent the last week in relative calm.

We topped off the week with a sleepover for the kids at Oma and Opa's. Husband and I stayed at the Holiday Inn and basically just nursed Husband's tweaked back in the hot tub and managed to finish had some conversations we have been unable to owing to his three trips away from home, and 10,000 things to do every day.

Am I worried that I can't tolerate the humdrum of a normal schedule anymore? No.

One of the things we discussed was getting a puppy. Which we plan to do very soon.

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