Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last Year in Single Digits

Jackson is turning 9 in a few weeks, the last year he'll be in single digits.  In a remarkable feat of organization, for the first time, I managed to arrange his birthday party BEFORE his birthday and not after where it abuts the Christmas season and I am simultaneously managing the RSVP list, sorting out favour bags AND arguing with Jackson about the apppropriate time to be decorating the Christmas tree.

I was ever so proud of myself that I scheduled a lazer tag party for November 12th during a 4 day school break.  I knew other parents would laud me for forward thinking and for taking their kids off their hands for a couple hours on a no school day.  It was a perfect plan.

Until we got the puppy.

What were we to do with Finnegan?  We had three options:

1. Leave her home alone.
2. Husband stay home with her.
3. Drop puppy off at a friend whose kids would lavish love and attention on her.

We thought long and hard about option 3.  But she had endured a Remembrance Day parade already and we thought while she would not enjoy being home alone, it might be better than introducing her to a new environment so soon.

We briefly considered option 2, but I did not really want to supervise a full set of hyper 9 year olds on my own.  It it noteworthy that neither Husband or I are working on a full quota of sleep this week and the previous night had been particularly abbreviated. And interrupted.

Jackson and I walked the puppy shortly before we were to go and knew she would probably sleep a good portion of the time we were gone.  We were just assembling all her in the laundry room.  I asked Jackson to grab Finnegan's water bowl and he ran. And trip over Finny and we heard loud yelping as our puppy limped to under the couch.  A few minutes of assessment found that she was not bearing weight on her paw.

Quick change or plans. We diverted to Husband staying home with the puppy to monitor her injury and figure out if trip to vet was necessary and if so, if our pet insurance had kicked in yet. 

So off I headed with my 2 cat burglars. The kids played lazer tag one time before and they knew about the black light and insisted on being dressed entirely in black:
This created a full on wardrobe crisis which was only resolved by wearing pyjamas inside out.
A good time was had by all, if you don't count Sydney's lazer gun not working. She was a remarkably good sport about it. And being the only girl:
We had some cake. 
Jackson is laughing over the boys teasing  him over having 6 girlfriends after an 'epic fail' at blowing out the candles:

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