Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap

I think I am not alone in saying WELCOME NOVEMBER!  Halloween is not a one night orgy of sugar and fright anymore. It's a week long festival of dress up. 

 It all started last Monday when Sydney had her Brownie party. I present Sydney, as Glamour Witch:
I know some will say the purple hair is a little over the top for someone who professes to detest the whole costume thing.
Tuesday brought Cubs and a chance for Jackson to debut as Mario:
 I realize he may have to grow into that mustache.
After Cubs, we had 48 hours without any official Halloween events.  We of course had the unofficial one where the kids tried to direct me on the right pumpkin to buy one wants "the biggest one you can carry, Mommy", the other one wants "one that is perfectly round and no bumps on it." 
Jackson continued his fixation with Halloween decorations and finally realized his dream of having his own graveyard. 
His objectives, in this case, dovetailed with my own. I was really trying to get him keen on studying for his upcoming socials test.  Memorizing just where the Beaufort Sea is and how exactly you spell and pronounce the capital of Nunavut (Iqaluit, for those that are wondering) is not his forte.  Those that have been around here for a while know of Jackson distaste for memorizing things.   So a few Styrofoam gravestones held in reserve did the trick and he now knows exactly where the Labrador Sea is and at least 50% of the time remembers it's the Davis Strait and not the David Strait up there near Greenland somewhere.

Friday brought the official school events: costume parade and party.  Jackson was one of 7 Marios in the school (he counted) which included 3 in Sydney's class.  This is owing to Costco offering up the coolest costume on earth.  There were quite a few witches in the parade but none so cute. Or so purple.
Saturday night, a full 24 hours before the actual Trick-or-Treating, was a party with kids from church (and friends).  Since I was helping organize I had to get over my pathological fear of costumes, or paying for them.  I found a cheap witch costume, which I planned to dress up but never got around to.  I did do my (and Sydney's) nails and lips in black, with the same black lipstick also making a more user friendly mustache for Mario:
Finally Sunday arrived, the actual day to solicit candy from strangers.  By then even the kids were a little bored with Halloween. They did pose for yet more photos, pillowcases in hand.
While Husband trekked about the neighbourhood with Glam Witch and Mario and his mustache, I sat home with 3 bowls of candy and my tally sheet waiting to give the stuff away.  Though torrential rain was expected at 6, it didn't come. I thought the warm and dry weather would bring out the revellers in droves. I added spooky sound effects to the effort this year.  Perhaps the graveyard to was a little too scary. We were over 10% below our lowest year in the 5 years we have lived in this house. Finally tally was 46 kids and 1 adult who had no good excuse to be collecting candy.
The haul:

And so I start November, a fresh month, my only goal to get the purple out of Sydney's hair.

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