Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven Year Old Speak

I received this email from my friend Jenn. We exchange children one after-school a week. This was her day to have my two plus hers. 

Message to: Konnie
Message from: Jenn


Sydney is working on her Secret Stuff for Girls book, with Noah's help (which is not such a secret girl thing to do, but I digress). They have filled in eye and hair colour, height, etc and the next question is "People tell me I look like:???"

So, Noah very seriously looks Sydney up and down and she very dutifully stands still so he can assess who she looks like. And Noah comes up with: "A goalpost". Which she happily writes down and the two of them carry on without blinking an eye. I, on the other hand, am doubled over laughing in the kitchen at the pure beauty and honesty of 7 year olds!!!

Hope you had a good day!

PS - I eventually intervened and we changed goalpost to "my Mom" ;)

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