Saturday, October 23, 2010

Professional. Freakin'. Development.

It's that time of year.  Well it happens about every 3 weeks but Friday the teachers were developing themselves professionally.  That means I was robbed of my Friday, my only not-paid-to-work-weekday, and six hours to do stuff I love (blogging) and stuff I don't love (grocery shopping).

This particular day coincides every year it seems with Husband's conference where he is gone from Thursday to Sunday.  So it is a full-on-three-day-weekend-with-Mommy.  I maintained a positive attitude, and made it a day the kids could look forward to. The kids are right now obsessed with decorating the house for Halloween.  Every year we buy a few new things to decorate the house.  The kids and I planned to buy some new things on Friday. Really, I am getting so good at this parenting thing, I will share some of my best secrets:

1. WORST THING YOU CAN DO: plan a fun outing on professional development days. This will mean almost 9 year old son will get up at crack of dawn asking when Walmart opens. This not only ensures there will be no sleeping in, but also guarantees a fatigued boy all freakin' day long.

2. SECOND WORST THING YOU CAN DO: plan lunch out at IHOP when the entire province has the day off of school. Half of them will go to IHOP for brunch.  Even if you get there early for lunch there will be crowds of leftover brunchers. Pancakes will be slow to be delivered and by that time threats will be made and the mood will have soured. Interesting note, Jackson has a constructive suggestion for the good folks at IHOP. Their motto is "come hungry, leave happy".  J Boy suggests that could be changed to "come hungry, leave angry" due to excessive waitage.

3. ALSO NOT RECOMMENDED: a trip to the dollar store when the a certain boy I'll just call "J Boy" is obsessed with getting crime scene tape and the store will not carry.  He will be less than accommodating and more dictator-like due to disappointment. 

4. HELPFUL HINT: do not assume you won't run into anyone you know and go out without makeup just because you're having a moderately good hair day. This will be the day you run into three families from school plus your daughter's teacher.

5. NOTE TO SELF: in case you were wondering where the other half the province was that was not at the IHOP, they will be at Walmart buying Halloween costumes.

My only actual helpful piece of advice to myself  for the next professional development day is that no matter how unravelled things can become with a hungry boy at IHOP, the day is not all lost.   Keeping them out of the house for 4 hours on the IHOP/dollar store/Walmart and then renting a Wii game and movie at Rogers will produce a rather peaceful and calm evening to regain sanity to start all over again on day 2.

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Kelli said...

What is it with 9 yr old boys and the crime scene tape? Mine keeps asking to get some to decorate our yard.