Sunday, October 3, 2010



I love free stuff. Anytime they are handing out free promotional coconut deodorant or cat food samples downtown I am lining up. Who can turn down something free! Even if we don't own a cat and I am severely allergic to them. And to coconut,

I sign up for way too many 'free' draws, only to find myself on endless email lists or the recipient of an excessive amount of unsolicited mail. But I can't stop myself. 

And I have a well-established system of clipping coupons, which is not exactly free stuff, I realize, but free money.  Here is how I do it:

Step 1: Cut out coupon from bottom of sandwich bag box.
Step 2: Put coupon in Basket of Important Coupons to reap benefit of 40 cent savings in future.
Step 3: When cutting out another coupon for sandwich bags 2 months later, forget about Basket of Important Coupons and create Envelope of Important Coupons.
Repeat Step 3 until 10 Important Places for Coupons are strategically located throughout the house.
Step 4: Do NOT put Basket or Envelope or other 8 Important Coupon Places anywhere easily accessible.
Step 5: Forget about Basket and Envelope and 8 other Important Places for Coupons.
Step 6: Do not stop cutting coupons, just leave them littering the kitchen counter, dining room table and fireplace mantle or anywhere else there is free space.
Step 7: When weekly shopping needs to be done and sandwich bags are needed, forget about any coupon until about six months later and then spend an entire sunny Saturday afternoon looking in vain for it.
Step 8: Two years later when looking for any kind of socks for either child to wear because the last laundry day was skipped, discover sandwich bag coupon and note expiry date 2.5 years previous.
Step 9: Put coupon back on counter/dining room table/fireplace mantle.

I know it's a lot of steps but I really think it is worth the effort that one time every 9 years when I manage to save 30 cents on soup.

But, I write this post with an ACTUAL free giveaway. I have a friend Ellie who I have not met in real life owing to the 3000 miles/4500 kilometers between us.  But she really is my friend because she has two kids and she writes about them (and other stuff) on her blog One Crafty Mother and a lot of time when I am feeling really inadequate as a mother and blog about it, she will tell me that she went through the EXACT SAME THING the week before or that she thinks I am doing a good job and she is taking notes. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, one of my primary motivations in writing this blog (apart from being sure some literary agent will stumble upon it and want to get a book published and get me a $2 million advance) is hearing that other people have the same neurotic, traumatizing, fantastic and mind-numbing experiences.  It makes me feel a tiny bit less inadequate.  Plus, Ellie and I may actually be twins separated at birth (she is the MUCH younger version) because sometimes we write about the same things the same week. Like the time that I wrote about Parental Perfection almost the same day as she wrote about being Perfectly Imperfect as a parent.

Anyway Ellie, as the name of her blog suggests, is very crafty, but I don't hold that against her.  She makes beautiful and unique jewellery that she sells on her Etsy site (think flea market on the net). Her jewellery  is so incredibly well-priced and includes free shipping (EVEN TO CANADA!) that I have actually told her to increase her prices because I feel like I am stealing it. I think she may have just left a zero off  some of the prices or something.

Anyway, she is offering a free giveaway!! Yes, FREE GIVEAWAY to one person from my blog. The lucky winner can pick anything up to $35 in her shop! That would cover two rings, two earrings or a ring/earring set and most of the necklaces. Have a peak at some of the fantastic baubles:

I personally purchased thisSquare Swarovski Crystal Ring and this Perfect Pearl Ringand theseSapphire Blue Swarovski Drop Necklace Swarovski Crystal Briolette Earrings - Perfect for Special Occasions - Goes with everythingand purchased as gifts a few things tooStarfish Pendant Necklace - Great Teacher's Gift Luscious Caramel Swarovski Crystal Briolette Pendant Necklace.

All you have to do is  say "enter me" in a comment on my blog or in a comment where I posted the Facebook link and I'll get one or both of the Bickersons my adorable charming children to pick a name at random.  This is open for two weeks, until October 17th!  Make sure you leave contact info (obviously I have it on Facebook). You can also email me at if you don't want to publish your email addy.

And if you cannot believe the price and adorableness of the jewellery and want to get a jump on your Christmas shopping or you really think you deserve something for just getting through September, Ellie is also offer a 15% discount on your complete order! To take advantage, go to Ellie's shop here and select your item or items. At checkout, click on "other" for method of payment, and put the following promotional code in the message to seller: GIVEAWAY15.

I wonder if I am allowed to enter the giveaway on my own blog?


Anonymous said...

ENTER ME. I see we have similar taste in jewelry. I also have the perfect pearl ring, and while you have the sky blue & starfish pendants, I bought the two together called. Sky & Sea.
I've been ogling the caramel crystal for sometime now. If I had a $35 gift cert, I could get it........

My email addy is

Kari said...

Enter me!

I absolutely love Ellie's jewelery and the prices are so fantastic. Thanks for a great FREE giveaway!

crazylilrocka (at) gmail (dot) com

Wendy said...

Enter me!

I'm going to go check out her website now. Looks inviting!

Sarah said...

Enter me!

I am so excited to be reading blogs I have never run into before, and I love the idea of all of these free give-aways!

Anonymous said...

enter me please!

Misha said...

Enter Me, Please..:)

I'll have to check out her shop for my step-daughters for Christmas..:)

Cheryl888 said...

ENTER ME! Please. :)

Amanda said...

ENTER ME, Please! These are so beautiful :)

Carrie said...

Please, enter me! I have one of her rings and love it. Need more!

growingababyreviews at hotmail dot com

Jenine said...

Enter me please! Love Ellie's jewelry. You sure picked some beautiful ones too. In fact there were a couple I didn't see in her shop currently.

snarkyville at gmail dot com

Morgan said...

Enter Me! :)
This jewelry is precious!

And I do hope you get a book published because I LOVE reading what you write.

miss Y'all!


Laurel said...

Enter me too please!

I absolutely love these pieces of jewelry! (And your blog too, of course, which is why I am here.)

laurelcreed at hotmail dot com.


KLZ said...

Enter me please!

I am in deep love with Ellie.

Love of the crafty kind, that is.

bison61 said...

enter me
I am in love with the rings!

tiramisu392 (at)

Anonymous said...

Haha! You're cute! I've come over from Ellie's blog. Enter me too. I love her stuff! My contact is