Friday, October 8, 2010


I had always thought that I was creative, but in non traditional ways.  I can barely draw a stick figure.  There is no word that intimidates me more than SCRAPBOOKING.  Any craft I have ever done with either kid is either thanks to mother google or an excessive amount of glitter glue, which I have discovered disguises an appalling lack or originality.

But, I believe my approach to the practice of law is creative. I think I have a lot of creative ways of tidying -using dishwasher, oven, dryer and laundry baskets to store a lot of stuff when people are coming over.  And my not-so-secret desire to become a published author I suppose belies some belief that I could make up some story that someone would read.

I think my creative juices flow most freely when I am trying to get my kids to do something I want. Like the time when Jackson was 4 and I really wanted him to wear a cute outfit to a family gathering but he was really attached to his jam-stained favourite shirt and pyjama bottoms.  When all rational measures of persuasion, threats and begging failed and we were in a time crunch, I bribed him with chocolate.

Also in the offering of 'choices', which is supposed to be the parental key to the kingdom, I think I can come up with a creative number of choices.  So instead of "do you want to do your homework?" it's:

Where do you want to do homework?

a) at the kitchen table
b) under the kitchen table,
c) in your bed
d) under your bed,
e) in the car on the way home from school

When do you want to do your homework?

a) right now
b) in 5 minutes
c) in 10 minutes
d) right after I call someone else's Mommy to figure out what the homework is
e) anything later than 10 minutes from now but then I'm going to remind you every 30 seconds that you promised to do homework "right after I make this movie and do all the captions and credits, and show it to you Daddy and Sydney and post it to You Tube"

Which homework do you want to do first?

a) spelling
b) home reading
c) the made up homework because I don't ever think you'll learn the times tables.

It turns out our kids are finding their own creative bent. Sydney likes to do all manner of craft and drawing.  I won't say that she is destined for the Musee de Louvre in Paris, but she does like creating a million messy projects that litter the kitchen table artistic masterpieces.

Jackson is legendary (in this house) for not only for creating comics and books, but for trying to sell them for either 1 cent each or $100 each.

You can see that the recycle bin special place I put the children's creations overfloweth

But in the hours-he-should-be-sleeping last night Jackson created the following quiz. Feel free to take it. I think he may have a future as a magazine quiz writer (all spelling and punctuation as written by author):

Favorite Serise

a) Percey Jackson
b) Harry Potter
c) NarNia
d) the Guardians

at night you ...

a) Draw
b) make a review on a bloody game
c) Draw a adventure
d) Sleep

with blocks you build ...

a) maze
b) nothing
c) castle
d) train

What do you do on a weekend?

a) draw
b) spray paint a building
c) make up a Quest
d) do your homework

in the morning you ...

a) go on the computer
b) lazely play PS2
c) have a battle in your cereal
d) watch treehouse

Favorite animal

a) lion
b) snake
c) fantasy creatures
d) Dog

Favorite couler

a) red
b) black
c) gold
d) pink - yellow and blue

you stay up till ...

a) 10:00 or 11:00
b) 12:00 or 1:00
c) 8:00 or 8:30
d) 7:00 or 7:15

Favorite school subject

a) Math
b) nothing
c) art
d) Play time

mostly a's   rank: normal kid 8-9
mostly b's   rank: teenager 10-14
mostly c's   rank: kidish 4-5
mostly d's   rank: little kid 6-7

I will say two things. 

First, Sydney is completely perterbed that she ranked as her age at 6-7 but Jackson termed that "little kid". Meanwhile Jackson's rank is "normal kid 8-9".

Second, I think he has a fairly stereotypical view of teenagers.  They:
  • stay up late
  • show interest in only playing bloody video games
  • sleep
  • like black snakes
  • hate school
  • spraypaint buildings 
Even more alarming, is that "teenager" starts at 10. I can hardly wait.

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Laurel said...

I'm with you. Scrapbooking is terrifying.

Also, I think the option of "have a battle in your cereal" for what to do in the morning is the greatest answer ever!