Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boys Weekend. Girls Weekend.

Jackson and Husband headed out camping this past weekend with the Cubs.   Husband, being the exceptional parent, went so Jackson would feel comfortable in this new environment.  Though I have done a little camping in my day, we have not managed to camp as a family, unless you count where Jackson sleeps in Sydney's room, or Sydney sleeps in Jackson's room and we call it camping.

With garbage bags stuffed with sleeping accouterments and backpacks full of long underwear and warm clothing destined not to be worn, off they went.

By some accounts the weekend went well: active games, campfire skits and an impressive near mutiny display of teamwork on the 8 kilometer hike when the Cubs unified in a chorus of "let's turn back!!"

I think the low points of the overnight were a complete and utter lack of sleep, REM or otherwise for both of my boys.  Apparently they are not used to sleeping a) on a thin foamy b) on hard ground c) in the company of 17 noisy 9 year olds.

What were the girls up to?  Well, we had an exciting girls' time. Sydney and I made a long-awaited trip to Build-a-Bear she happily spent a birthday gift card.  She deliberated mightily before choosing Ruby and a stylish outfit, with a only a modest contribution from her allowance.

We enjoyed a girls-only movie night and watched a Barbie movie and ate chocolate covered pretzels. 

At bedtime, I told her she could fall asleep in Daddy's side of the bed.  This is prohibited territory for the under 40 set at night and she was ever so pleased to fall asleep in the big bed. I told her I would move her after she fell asleep to her own bed. I usually watch TV before bed and I didn't want to have too much explaining to do the next morning. 

But after I cleaned the kitchen, I was tired so I went to bed on the early side and reveled in her sleepy sighs.  I looked forward to the waking up cuddles.

Imagine my shock at 5 a.m. to see that she had disappeared. Of course the first thing that I thought of, having spent way too much time watching cable news, was that she was kidnapped.  But even in my sleep-deprived state I knew the odds of a middle-of-the-night abduction were remote.  Remoter still were abductions where pillow, blanket and new-found friend Ruby also disappeared.  You don't have to be much of a detective to know that Sydney left for the familiar sights and smells of her own bed.

In the morning I asked why she had left.

"I couldn't sleep." She paused ever so briefly. "You were snoring."

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PCNA said...

Ha Ha!!! Too funny.

Happy for your Girly Time.