Wednesday, September 22, 2010


How I know my seven year old is growing up:

She gets up when her alarm clock goes off and gets dressed. Sometimes before me.

She wants to try salad, using our giraffe salad tongs

In the midst of purging THEIR toys, she brings me a doll which was mine from age 4 and says "Mommy I think you should get rid of this -- Susie's arms and legs keep falling off". When I demur she sighs and says "Okay Mommy but when I'm a grown up it will be time to let it go"

She has been heard saying:

"We both know that's not true."

"Mommy have you had your coffee yet this morning?"

"Even though I am a healthy weight, I'm going on a diet." (YIKES!)

"Mommy I don't think you should say that around us. We're children you know"

Happy Birthday Girlie Goo!

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