Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pixies. And Pizza.

 How, you ask, did we end up with 9 exuberant 7 year old girls in our house today?

Well, a few weeks ago, I was busy manipulating  negotiating with Sydney over her birthday party celebrations.  "She" settled on a bowling party.  We were down to a detailed discussion of the guest list, when Husband suggested that maybe Sydney would want to do a movie party. At the theatre. Because a new Tinkerbell movie was to be coming out. We've done movie parties the last 2 years with Jackson and apart from a severe risk of blue slushie incidents, it's really an easy party to put on.

Sydney, who is part pixie, completely bought into the plan.  In retrospect, I should have maybe checked on some of the details.  I called the theatre to book the party and they completely disavowed any knowledge of any pixie type movie coming out this month.

And then it dawned on me, four dreaded words: Going Straight to DVD.
So it became a home movie party, with some pizza thrown in for fun. Pizza and Pixie Party, we called it.
One who believes in dressing the part.
All eight invitees had open calendars so it was a earsplitting lively event.  We started with a craft, which led to an eery quiet along with excessive use of glitter glue. The quiet scared me.  I needn't have worried, as soon as they were done the exuberance returned and I had to agree to send them outside.
Do not underestimate value of cartwheels.
I was a little worried that Jackson would feel left out.  He agreed to be our party assistant.  He took the role seriously ensuring the girls screamed as loudly as possible.
Jackson taking orders for movie snacks and pizza.
Movie time was quiet. 
All nine. Cozied up for Tinkerbell.

Helpful Note to Parents: No matter how much your child "always wanted a pinata", but you have always avoided due to possibilities of skull fracture to to errant baseball bat, when you find one the "opens" by pulling of ribbons,  do not spend the $17 on an empty pinata even if you do lovingly fill pinata with carefully chosen age appropriate things (i.e. not the cheap plastic whistlers). It won't work and you'll just have to tear the thing open with your bare hands, which is not as easy as it sounds. 

In an exercise in LETTING FREAKIN' STUFF GO! I let Sydney choose a Dairy Queen Blizzard cake instead of my own masterful creation.

I am still working on letting go ...
I believe now that we have concluded all the  official, informal and sanctioned 7th birthday events, we can now give away the 6th birthday leftover gifts still piled up under our bed as surely the statute of limitations is up.

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