Monday, September 13, 2010

Just One Thing

Just one thing makes the school year: the teacher. 

I don't mean necessarily a good teacher vs. a poor teacher. I mean a good fit. A teacher that "gets" your child, understands what they need to be challenged, or when they need to be left alone.  The right fit will be different for different kids, or even the same kid in different grades.

Last year, was a triumph for us in terms or teacher assignments. Absolute perfect chemistry for my kids.  Could lightning strike twice?

Though some parents and kids know their teacher assignments the year before, our school plays cards close to the vest.  Though they make some draft plans, the class lists are top secret.  All summer long.

On the first day of school, the kids learn who will be their teacher. For the next three days.  The whole school participate in active and leadership activities with their temporary teacher. Kind of a soft landing after a 10 week hiatus from spelling tests.

But Friday, my friends, Friday is the day when all is to be revealed. 

Last year, I arrived early for pick up knowing that at the end of the day, the kids meet their new teachers.  I skulked around and saw whose Sydney's teacher would be. I  had to use deductive reasoning to sort out Jackson's class assignment because two of the grade 3 classes were on the main floor and one upstairs. So I did not find him in either of the main floor classes, I correctly deduced that he must be in the upstairs class.

When I sheepishly admitted to skulking, another Mom told me the kids had been in their classes ALL DAY and she had come at recess to gain intelligence.  I never thought of that. I had been out skulked.

So this year, under the pretence of being a caring mother and delivering a nice hot lunch for my kids, I came to school hoping for news because waiting a whole extra 2 hours might kill me.

I was disappointed.  The kids had not yet met with their new teachers. So I reverted to last year's plan and came early at the end of the day.  Two of the grade 2 classes were not visible to the naked eye, but one class, the one I hoped for Sydney was.  I surreptitiously sidled down to the class and had a peak. I saw kid after kid after kid that I hoped Sydney would be in class with. But could not find Sydney.  I looked harder. She is kind of tiny and they were at a circle at the front of the class with desks obscuring my vision.

Then the kids I knew starting waving at me.  I wouldn't make much of a spy. I was becoming an actual distraction so I left not knowing where Sydney was assigned. 

But lightning did strike twice. Great teachers and good friends for both.  I would love to celebrate and revel in the joy but I have to go start writing cheques. For planners, a recorder, donations for a school fundraiser ...

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