Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To School 2010

I am momentarily pausing my nonstop happy dance (which I am only doing to ignore an EXCESSIVE amount of griping and sighing) to bring you photos of the Second Annual Back to School Dinner.  Another one of the pathological celebrations in this house.

We ate at the coffee table in the living room because I couldn't find enough real estate on either the kitchen or dining room for us to eat. It's one of the reasons I REALLY need them to go back to school.
The meal was one of the very few things we all like.
More popular than pizza.
Or french fries.
Chocolate chip pancakes. 
You will note I made them one in the J and S shapes and after I attempted to put the chocolate chips in the S and J shapes. All that was after an exhaustive and fruitless search for the heart shaped cookie cutter.   Sometimes you just have to let things go.

The kids enjoyed milk in champagne glasses, as is now our tradition.
Sydney had to 'cheers everyone' with every sip.
Reading the letters "we" wrote to them, wishing them well and telling them how proud we are:
Last year, Sydney couldn't read hers by herself:
Here's to a great year in grade 2:
And grade 4:
p.s. Yes, I know they both need haircuts. In my defense they were just back from the pool. And I've had a few things on my mind.

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