Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Boy's Brain

I do know he is actually not a little boy, any more than I am young and fertile.  But we still call him that. 

Here is a window into his brain.

Jackson was doing something nice for me and I said to him "you can't ever move out, you know. I'll need you to stay with me."

"Well, when I grow up, I'm going to live with Sydney and her husband."


"Yeah, I'm probably not going to get married, but Sydney will, so she said I could live with her."

"That's nice. But aren't you going to get married?"

"I doubt it. But I can live with Sydney. She said it would be okay."

"Why don't you think you'll get married? Because you don't want to or because you don't think you'll find someone you'll want to marry?"

"I don't think I'll find someone."

"I think you might. I wasn't sure I would either, but then I met Daddy. But either way, married or not, I know you will have a great life.  Especially if you can live with Sydney."

"Plus she's going to have two kids.  She didn't know if she could have two kids so I told her to pray to God so that it would happen."

"That will be nice for the kids, to have an uncle in the house."

"I know.  I'd love to have an uncle live with us."

"Where will you all live?"

"In this house, of course."

"Then where will Daddy and I live?"

[pause] "I guess we could all live here."

"Maybe we should buy the house next door and build a bridge or tunnel to connect them?"

"Yeah." Jackson said. doubtfully.

[30 minutes later]

"Mommy, I have it all worked out.  Sydney and her husband will be in your bedroom. The kids will be in my and Sydney's bedroom. I'll be in the upstairs playroom. And you and Daddy can stay in the echo room*.  So we can all live in this house."  He breathes a sigh of relief.

Even at age 8.75 Jackson cannot abide uncertainty in his future.  He does not want to be alone, but cannot imagine being married.  He needs to feel the comfort of this plan for his future. The really funny this is, I kind of can envision this happening. Jackson having a suite in a house where Sydney lives upstairs. 

I hope I'm around to see it!

*echo room is our cavernous odd shaped guest room. The kids love to go in there and yell to make it echo and thus it came to be known as the echo room.

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