Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sound of Awkward Silence

Something quite remarkable has happened in the past week or so.  The weather in Vancouver and environs has been perfect to almost everyone.

No one is complaining that it is too hot.
Too cold.
Too wet.
Too cloudy.
Too windy.
Too humid.
Too foggy.

Or that it's changing so fast you have to dress in layers. Or wear a heavy jacket in the morning and carry it home at night.  Or that you don't even know how the weather day is going to turn out.

No one is talking about an impending thunder storm, heat wave or cold front. No one is even resorting to the hail Mary of weather complaints: that the good weather is not lasting long enough.

The weather has been mild. About 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Or 72 to 75 Fahrenheit.  No wind. Only soothing breezes.  We've had a little cloud cover some mornings but by the time people have had a coffee break, we're back to mild blue skies.  We're into our second week of this San Diego weather shangri-la.

I suppose there is the odd sucker for punishment southern belle who would like it hotter. Or the odd 5 year old who thinks a good mud puddle would really make his summer.

But in general, we have widespread meteorological contentment.

The problem? 

There is too much awkward silence.  What else do you talk about during long elevator rides,  in taxi trips, at cocktail parties or while waiting for your pap in a paper gown?   We always have the weather to complain about.

It takes up much less of the awkward time to say:

"Nice weather we've been having"


We are also in a simultaneous lull of hockey and television so pretty soon we're gonna be forced to talk to each other about something that matters. Oh wait a second, we have  a 40% chance of showers on Thursday, doesn't that just bite ...

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