Sunday, July 11, 2010


Pop quiz:

Which of the following has Jackson said to me in the last month?

a) It's Monday Mommy, don't forget that Sydney has dance class.

b) You don't need to become involved Mommy. I can work it out.

c) Mommy, aren't my library books overdue?

d) Mommy, I already wore those shorts two days.  I am not wearing them a third.


Jackson, Mr Head-in-the-Clouds has belatedly developed a sense of awareness of his world.  All of the sudden he has figured out that certain things happen on certain days.  He realizes that library books have to be returned. And he cannot wear the clothes for days on end  - he was right about that one, I smelled his shorts and ran for decontamination.

However, he still does not know that dishes don't levitate themselves to the dishwasher,  that toilets don't flush themselves and that money does not grow on trees and whatever money Mommy and Daddy might earn is not his personal video game slush fund. It just might be earmarked for luxuries like the mortgage, groceries and Mommy's Starbucks allotment.

But I'm trying not to get greedy.

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Robin said...

Wow. And B) sounds downright mature!