Sunday, July 18, 2010

Princess and the Pedi. And Mani.

Sydney has been working very hard on something which confidentiality agreements require that I keep secret (i.e. she'd pout for a year if I went into any detail.)  She needed a LARGE does of motivation.  In the past we have given her smaller incentives but she has accomplished the goals we set, enjoyed the prize but then we are back to our issue. 

So a month ago I told her if she did the thing I wanted her to do for a month, I'd take her somehwere she is DYING to go. To the spa. To get her nails done. Until now she has had to endure my extremely sloppy pedicures which gets more nailpolish on her feet and my hands than her nails. 

Before I get accused of being one of those parents that indulge her children FAR TOO MUCH, please know this isn't the full treatment. Just a "polish change" (shaping, filing and polish)  for $15.  She does not enjoy the scaling, calluses and dry skin that requires my getting two pedicures per summer with the full treatment of 12 kinds of lotions.
So, here she is, getting her fingernails worked on:
Is it just me or does she look way older than six?
What colour? Pink for the fingers.
Here's how it all turned out. I'm glad that I took this picture because after we got home she has dug weeds in the garden and played in the sandbox so it will never look as nice.
Then, onto the toes:
Sparkly silver for the toes. Very princess worthy.
 She had time to kill so she STUDIED the colours carefully.
She seems to think she might be coming back again.
And she had to wait for my toes to get done:
Afterwards as we were leaving to pay, she had one question
"so I'm definitely not getting a massage?"

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