Saturday, July 24, 2010

Common Sense

I feel, along with my various neuroses, quirks and eccentricities, I was blessed with an abundance of common sense.  

My children? Not so much.

We were at the beach last week and the kids were at the nearby playground.  I was talking to my in laws as we waited for Husband to arrive from work to our picnic. 

See-saws were ubiquitous when I was a kid, but now they are a playground anomaly.  The kids were understandably drawn to it.  There is a 10 pound weight discrepancy between them so it takes a bit of pushing and leaning to make it work, but make it work they did.

Then Jackson apparently wanted to add a challenge to the balance game and stood up on his end of the see-saw while in the down position owing to his owning the extra 10 pounds. 

I started walking toward them as I was worried about his falling off and cracking his head open as he pretended to surf.  Apparently gummy worms have taken over the common sense part of his brain. 

I needn't have worried about his falling. He jumped.  Which of course had the effect of a swift six foot free fall for his sister.  I ran. I yelled. I screamed. I asked him if he was crazy.

I envisioned shattered ankles, compressed vertebrae and a broken tailbone for the Girlie Goo.  She amazingly had no physical injuries but her feelings were hurt that Jackson had done this. 

Jackson did not share my assessment of the danger of the situation or the need for the "crazy" remark and dissolved into a puddle of tears.  He eventually regained his composure and returned Sydney to the playground. 

Then, I watched as they did the one thing you should NEVER do. The one thing that THEY never do.  The thing that turns my stomach, makes me and most Moms shiver with fright.

They went to the public bathroom.

At the beach.


In their bare feet.

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