Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yin and Yang Part 4

Another in the series of comparing and contrasting my children (see part 1, part 2 and part 3)
Me: Jackson, do you want me to sign you up for soccer again?

Jackson: What?

Me: Do you want to do soccer class again?

Jackson: Why?

Me: Because I want to know whether I should register you again in the fall.

Jackson: It's up to you.

Me: But I'm asking if you want to.

Jackson: If you want me to.

Me: I want to know whether you would like to.

Jackson: What do you think?

Me:  I want your opinion.

Jackson: About what?

Me: About doing soccer next year?

[Jackson wanders out of room]

Me: Jackson, we were in the middle of the conversation.

Jackson: What are we talking about?

Me: Soccer class? whether you want to continue?

Jackson: I already told you.

Me: No you didn't

Jackson: Yes I did!

Me: No, I'm waiting to hear what YOU want.

Jackson:  I said you could decide.

Me: But I want to know what you think.

Jackson: Why do we have to discuss this for HOURS???!!!!


Me: Sydney, do you want to do hip hop next year?

Sydney:  No.

Me: Why?

Sydney: First, I like to play monkey bars after school instead of rushing off to dance.  Second, because I find it too hard.  Third, because I don't like performing in front of a lot of people.

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Robin said...

Cute. I can guess which one I'd rather cook dinner for, and which one I'd rather have cook dinner for me!