Friday, August 6, 2010


Photographic evidence of shorts
Fact: 1:  Jackson owns several pairs of shorts.

Fact:2: Jackson wears shorts when we go out.

Fact: 3: Jackson is always wearing shorts when we come home.

Reality:  We can never locate more than one pair of shorts at a time, usually the pair he's been wearing six  four two days in a row that someone at camp explode cheese burrito explode onto.

Conclusion: Shorts are leaving to alternate universe through wormhole.

This wormhole must also have been the conduit for the brand new hoodies I bought both kids because I was tired of searching in every nook and cranny for the one hoodie they found acceptable to wear.  I thought I needed a back up. Which ironically again I don't have as they have vaporized.

As long as I'm assigning blame for missing items, the salad bowl that we never did find when we unpacked after our move here four years ago, about 12 dozen socks, about 26 Nintendo DS stylus' and about 16 dozen single socks must also have made the trip.

If only I was clever enough to find said wormhole I might take a trip to see if I could find the last vestige of self respect and sanity not lost in a trip to the mall with the kids.

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