Saturday, June 19, 2010

To me: Three Decades Ago.

Dear Me in 1980;

This is a letter from 30 years into the future.  I have so much to tell you.

There are going to be some really cool inventions that will change your life.  Take telephone communication. You have yet to experience the answering machine.  You can actually leave a message for someone who is at home ignoring your calls. 

Oh, and one day you will be able to talk on a phone at home and go to the bathroom at the same time because of the wonder of the cordless phone.  I don't recommend flushing while you are speaking to someone, unless it is your husband (more about that later). 

Even further into the future, there are these phones that work almost anywhere.  Think Get Smart, although no one I know has one in their shoe. Most people have them surgically implanted onto their waist or at their ear.

And you know those buttons on the phone, the * and #, that everyone is always wondering why they are there? Well, there will be exciting uses for them in the future that will negate the need to ever speak to a human being at any business in the western world.  Really fabulous technological advances.

Plus if you want to communicate with someone in another city, you won't ever have to write a letter. It will be cheap to phone them.  I would tell you about thing called the "internet" where you can write someone and your letter will magically go to the other person, but I didn't believe it until I saw it and then I thought it would never catch on, so I'll just let you discover it yourself.  You will be glad you took Typing 10 even though there is little chance you will ever be a secretary.

So to the more personal stuff, you know how at 105 pounds you think you are a little chubby and you really want to be 95 pounds? Forget that nonsense and enjoy the milkshakes and french fries while you can!

What I think is important to tell you, which you will actually discover in the next few years, is that in the real world, no one will care who you were in high school.  I have yet to hear anyone say "you know I was a jock in high school" and have anyone think that this is anything but sad and pathetic.  Being a former high school geek will not impair your life.  Once you're in the real world you just make friends with people with whom you have something in common. It is much simpler.

While I'm on the subject, you will make a lot of great friends over the years -- some you will have for decades.  Some will  be for a season in your life.  Find people with whom you can be yourself and laugh and talk and cry.  You will come across people that are really annoying, stupid, rude and pushy.  These are not your friends.  Be polite, but don't spend a lot of time worrying about what any of these people think of you.  Just minimize your time with them and enjoy your real friends.

Friends will be important because it is going to take you two decades to find someone to marry who will put up with you treasure your uniqueness.  IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT -- DO NOT SETTLE! 

For the next 21 years,  I would really enjoy being able to sleep in on Saturdays, to finish a cup of coffee every morning and to not have your IQ diminished by TV cartoons (yes, they are still around, only they are worse).  Once you hit 39 you will not be able to do any of these things.

In closing, I will say that the next three decades are good ones. You experience many things, grow in ways you didn't know possible.  You will have some losses, some setbacks, but you have 30 fantastic years ahead of you. Enjoy the ride!

From, Me in 2010.

p.s. if you have a minute, you might copyright the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" and that will allow us to have a really fantastic retirement. Also, do not buy stock in Enron, Worldcom, General Motors or British Petroleum no matter how profitable they look.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. You hit all the critical points. Now if only we could DELIVER this message. Damn time travel.

Sonya said...

That was fun to read, thanks!