Monday, June 14, 2010

Thirty Thankful Thieves

Sydney has a tiny issue with her hard TH sound. She sometimes almost always says F instead of TH.

"I fink so Mommy"

"I told you FREE times Jackson!!"

"Fank you Daddy"

It was be a gross understatement to say that Sydney is resistant to any suggestion that she could stand to improve at all on her pronunciation.

Tonight, with only a few weeks left in grade 1, I thought that again I might make a tiny suggestion (even though I think it is supremely adorable and part of me wouldn't mind if she went to high school talking like that).

"I fought you did do that Mommy" she said to me tonight.

I put my tongue between my teeth to make an exaggerated TH sound and said to her "you THought I did do that?"

Sydney puts her teeth exaggeratingly into her lower lip and says (with a smile) "yes, I Fought you did"

So I tried to get her to say THirty THankful THieves.

"Firty, Fankful Fieves" she repeated again and again.

Jackson is aware of the whole TH vs F debate going on in this house.  In fact he's taken to pointing out the Girlie Goo's mispronunciations with the slightly mocking voice that only one sibling can torture another with.

Tonight whilst I was trying to get her to pronounce thirty thankful thieves correctly, he said to Sydney,  "Hey Sydney say thuck"

Which she did.

And that is how Sydney learned the boy F word.


Robin said...

OH, ouch!

PCNA - the Pierce County Nurses Assocation said...


My 6 y.o. does the same thing. Except that one thing. Just thought it might make you feel a BIT better...