Sunday, June 27, 2010

R.I.P. Sydney's Dance Career

This will be my final post on Sydney and dance. I think.

Sydney began her dance career at age 3.5 at the local community rec centre.  She insisted she wanted to be a ballerina.  It's hard to remember back that far, but I actually resisted signing her up. I blogged about it, otherwise I may have forgotten about my aversion to words like "princess" and "ballerina".  Something about my feminist principles.  Her adorableness in her purple dance leotard with built-in tutu enchanted me and trumped all principle.

Then we took a break from dance.  The "dance" she had been participating in was not much more than running around the class with a hoop or ribbon and the occasional pirouette.

Last June, Sydney and I decided that she might try dance at a "real" dance school for the coming year. We saw a little potential in her. She really is more a fast music type of dancer so we were looking at hip hop or jazz.   I scoured dance schools in the TriCities area for a laid back school.  I found none.

So I picked a school which had a class that fit into our tight schedule. From September to June for 45 minutes every Monday, Sydney went to hip hop.  It's a class for 6 to 9 year olds. I think all the other girls were 8 or 9 so she was really the smallest, youngest and least experienced in the class.  She did kind of like hanging out with the older girls.

In April, she informed me that she didn't like being on stage in front of a lot of people.  So I had some low grade anxiety for the next couple months over how she would do.  She was not too vocal about it. I made sure to mention casually about her year end performance every few days, just so it wouldn't entirely catch her by surprise.  She seemed okay by it. Okay enough that I invested in dance tickets. For our family and my parents and my in-laws.

Then of course, dress rehearsal day, put everything in jeopardy.  I started to regret paying $150 for tickets to witness the dance spectacle.  Quite apart from potentially wasted money, was this just too much pressure for a 6.5 year old?

In the end she did well on the night of her first performance. She seemed pleased that Oma and Opa came and watched her.  She did well on stage (see photo).  Surprisingly, I loved the two hours I saw of the show, even if that was just the first half.

Sydney LOVED and I mean LOVED the backstage time with her pal V (both in costume and makeup in photo).  They watched movies, ate snacks and played games.

On Saturday, the day of her second and final performance, she was noticeably excited to have Granny and Grampa AND her Daddy and brother come to watch her.  I was backstage supervising the girls. I barely saw Sydney. Again, she hung with her girlfriend V.

Here is team Sydney:
But lest you think the Girlie Goo has changed her mind, she is certain that she is done with dance. I am very proud at how she performed, even though it made her a little uncomfortable.  I am also proud that she knows herself well enough to say, despite the high of all the compliments and attention, that dance is just not her thing.

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Robin said...

I've always admire those who know it's time to retire and do so (especially when you know, technically, there is still a little wiggle room if she changes her mind...) What a cool experience, all around!