Friday, June 18, 2010

Married, With a Kiss

Sydney and I were watching TV and a clip showed a couple on their wedding day.  The bride and groom kissed in front of the church.

Sydney: Are those people married when they kiss?

[not the first time the kids have thought the KISS is what makes one married]

Me: Well there's a ceremony where they are married, then they kiss.

Sydney: So after the ceremony and the kiss, then God sends them a baby?

[DANGER  ...   DANGER   ...   DANGER]

Me: Umm ... well  .... ya see ...

Sydney: How does He know when?

[Sydney keeps asking why A, our former Nanny, doesn't have kids. We attended her wedding last year]

Me: Well, when the wife and husband decide the time is right.

Sydney: But I thought God made the babies?

[not this again]

Me: Do you want some chocolate?

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