Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grade 1 + Grade 3 = Complete

It seems like just yesterday I was kvetching with the kids to get the perfect first-day-of-school picture
And now I am kvetching with them to get the best last-day-of-school picture:
Notably, the backpacks are in tact, if only just barely. The handle on Sydney's goes only half way up, which makes even me at a modest 5 foot 1 inch bend over to drag it around.  Jackson's handle won't go down without a lot of brute force, which he always enjoyed exerting.

But here we are at the end of another successful year and I reflect back.

Goals for grade 1: for Sydney to make friends and feel included and part of the class in school. In kindergarten, she was still finding her place.

She accomplished these goals in spades. She found a few closer friends who she played with more, plus a wide circle of friends with whom she played on occasion. She had play dates with well over half the class, some boys included.  She felt very a part of the mix at school.

While I worried about her sensitive soul surviving the playground battlefield, we had one issue, where she became the turf in turf war between two older girls. Remarkably I managed to stay out of solving this problem (quite a feat for a control freak) and the playground supervisors worked out a solution.

Sydney’s report card calls her an “exemplary role model”, “a cheerful child” and one who has a “strong work ethic” and “self motivated learner”.  We're proud of you Girlie Goo!

Goals for grade 3: for Jackson to adjust to new teachers, having left his teacher of 3 years and to become slightly more responsible. By the latter I mean for me to visit school lost and found at least twice during the year and not find something that belongs to him.

Jackson adjusted well to new teachers and to the increased structure and expectations of grade 3. While we have many epic battles over the practice of spelling, I do believe that his spelling has increased markedly.  He no longer spells light as "lhit".

My trips to the lost and found were largely fruitless this year. I mentioned to one of his teachers how pleased I was that he was becoming more responsible in keeping track of his things. His teacher pointed out that he walked by the lost and found about 8 times a day on his way to or from his class so perhaps he just had opportunity to see his hoodie/water bottle/gym shorts and retrieve it. I embrace even the fact that he may have noticed his wandering belongings.  We did not lose one water bottle or lunch bag this year.

Jackson is described in his report card as a “kind and helpful student”, “rather quiet” and one who “comes to school prepared to learn” and “has great ideas”.   You make us proud, J Boy!

One final note, these apples do not fall far from the maternal tree.

One of Sydney's learning goals was to check her writing for capitals and periods. Jackson also needs to take the time to proofread for errors in his writing.  That suggestion was on my report card every year until I went to law school, I think.

Regular readers of this blog will know just how inadequate my proofreading still is! I must remember to tell them to going into careers (as I have) where you can have someone proofread your work for you.  Good thing they were born in the era of (admittedly fallible) spell check and grammar check.

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