Friday, June 11, 2010

Good bye Sparks; Hello Brownies!

Sydney has been involved in Sparks, the youngest group of the Girl Guide organization.  This week she was "advanced" to Brownies, the next group up.

Of course we are all about celebrating in this house, so we went en famille to see Sydney advance.

One could have made a valid argument with Jackson's declining composure and the increasing grass pollen counts that none of us should have to endure a bored J Boy on such an outing.

But Sydney has been to three tae kwan do ceremonies celebrating Jackson so we thought (okay mostly I did) that the boy could go outside himself and celebrate his sister for once.

We left nothing to chance and brought his Nintendo DS along for company. 

Jackson played more DS than we initially wanted but he did close down his game to watch Sydney recieve her plaque from here leaders.
Once the ceremony was over, he took more than a passing fancy to her plaque. And she enjoyed being celebrated, most especially by her brother.
Lest you think there was nothing in it for him, he was rewarded with a cupcake with about a cup of icing.
As was she.
Sparks has been a great experience for Sydney.  She has enjoyed outings, service projects, making friends and one rockin' sleepover.

It has been an organizational challege for me.  There are many events and times and days change as needed, and particular things required on particular nights.

One night it was heritage night.  The girls were supposed to bring something from their heritage.  Sydney decided to bring the Scotland flag as her grandparents (on Daddy's side) emigrated from there.  We had it sorted out days in advance.  She coloured a flag and had it ready to go. And then it got buried under piles of impromptu craft projects, spelling practice sheets and school notices.

I completely forgot about it.  I didn't notice other people bringing in plates of Italian cookies or Dutch wooden shoes.  By what can only be explained as divine intervention when I got to the van, I suddenly remembered. 

I called Husband to get him to a) look for the flag Sydney had coloured or b) print out one from the internet as I raced home.  This might have worked perfectly if our printer wasn't on the fritz. When I stormed in the door looking for the flag to quickly shuttle back to Sydney at Sparks and Husband was tapping his fingers on the printer, while Jackson, who had been unceremoniously bounced off the computer, waited impatiently and sighed excessively.

We eventually got the printer to relinquish its hostage and I raced back to Sparks.  I wheezed a huge sigh of relief when the girls were still going around the table sharing their items. I slipped the flag quietly to the Girlie Goo.   I waited for her turn and she stood on her chair and said in a loud and clear voice that her grandparents were from Scotland and this was the flag.  I was so proud.

But even prouder when, after Sparks, I asked her what she would you have done if I hadn't remembered at the last moment.

"I had it planned out Mommy. I was just going to say that my grandparents were from Scotland and that the flag is blue and white and I forgot it at home"

She took her circumstances (forgotten flag) and accomodated.  I know grownups who aren't equipped with that kind of coping skills.

Brownies here we come!

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