Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Sharing a little art and written word:
Sydney decided to show Daddy her hip hop dance routine, which was a surprise to all.  She has been reluctant to practice (year end show this week!). It would help if you would admire the costume, which cost us 4 months of my Starbuck's allowance:
Though we don't usually exchange gifts purchased at stores, Husband was treated to a new lounge chair.
It also doubled as a brain teaser as he (and I) spent the next 45 minutes doing this:
And finally, success!!  Recline. Sit. Recline. Sit. This must be good for the back!
I think this is where the grumpy portion of our day started (I'll let you divine who is grumpy).
I still don't know about what.
This year's poems:

One special thing about my dad is ... he loves me and I love him.
My dad's favourite thinkg to do is ... read me a story.
My favourite thingk to do with my dad is ... to swim with him.
My dad's favourite food is ... chocolate.
Here's why I love my dad!  He picks me up evin when he has a sor bake.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!
Love from Sydney

Why My Dad is the Greatest 
He likes to work in the garden with me.
My dad is happy when we experiment on the computer.
MyDad's favourite food is steak on the barbeque.
My dad hardly ever gets angry at me and he is very kind.
My dad looks great when he puts on his exercising clothes.
I like to play with my dad.
My dad is the greatest!!! 
Love, Jackson

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