Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Teacher,

I know that you basically only ask two things of parents: that we send our kids to school well rested and well fed and that we ensure they do their homework appropriately.

About that first one, you should know that is was not our idea to get Jackson up at 4:32 this morning. It was entirely of his own doing.  "I can't help when I wake up" is what he told us.  We made some feeble efforts to get him to stay in his room until a respectable hour, say 5 a.m. but those efforts were met with Taliban-like resistance. 

If it makes you feel any better, the entire family was up early because when an 8.5 year old gets up that early and tries to get on the computer and gets messages like "google chrome is about to crash", they are not known for being quiet, reserved, measured or controlled. 

About the whole homework thing, I know when you asked Jackson to write his name in cursive writing 2 days ago, you perhaps did not envision that he would do it in a lime green felt marker.  We assume you wanted him to redo it last night because the homework came back, but in the absense of his planner we were only guessing. 

If you wanted him to redo his cursive in something really off-the-wall like pen or pencil and not a lime green felt marker (again), then perhaps you could mention that to him.  He is not ceding to our suggestions in that regard.  He did do his cursive on lined paper, as you requested. But you didn't mention anything about actually following the lines.

Let me close by saying, for the next 6 hours in which he is in your charge, good luck with that. Better you than me.

Jackson's Mom

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