Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A(nother) Celebration!

Everything from daylight savings time to new shoes
is worthy of a celebration in this house. So finishing up a great year
at school is REALLY someting to celebrate.
In the past we went out for dinner
 Because we have an unusually busy social calendar this week, eating out wasn't a viable option, so we scaled down to Dairy Queen sundaes!
Not a lot of complaints from the honourees.
We give some gifts to the kids, which they entirely forgot about until we called a family meeting.
While I might fairly be accused of going overboard on gifts, and don't we have enough STUFF,
the emphasis for the end of the year bonanza is books.
And outdoorsy things.
Badminton racquets and water pistols this year.
You can see how those things work into the don't-drive-Mommy-mental plan.

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