Friday, June 11, 2010

Activity Day 2010 Style

It was activity day today. Also known as sport day or track and field day.  The school makes it all about being active and runs it more like a carnival and less like a track meet.  Kids travel from station to station sometimes enjoying an individiual event and sometimes put into ad hoc teams.

I just read last years blog about same and I am struck with how similar things are for us this year. Last year,   Jackson was up very early (well, he was up late today, but yesterday of course was a 4:32 wakeup call); I had a similar refusal to take allergy medicine and similar confrontations over the computer.  I guess June will always be like this until they invent time travel and we can jetison ourselves from June 1st to July 1st with ease.

Back to this year.

In a multi system SNAFU, every weather source we consulted said  "cloudy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon" or forecasts to that effect.  The rain, which has been here all week was to have stopped last night.

We woke up to rain. 

In uncharacteristic and unwarranted reliance on the meteorological science, I put the kids in shorts, and brought hats and sunglasses.  I should have brought umbrellas and dry socks.  It misted through the morning but turned to heavy rains in the afternoon (when fortuntately all events were over). But the staff had a full array of indoor activities that were enjoyed by all.  The misty rain, which came and went throughout the morning, did not stop any of the fun. Like ...
Face painting
Bean bag toss:
Hula Hoop:
Scoop ball:
Ring toss:
Good old fashioned dancing:
And the ever popular tug of war:
I, on the other hand, participated in the parent events. Such as:

1. The Weave and Bob: this event requires enormous dexterity getting photos of ones own children participating in events, while protecting camera gear and all body parts from bean bags, hockey sticks, rings, bowling balls, skipping ropes, and most especially young children playing musical chairs, which is developing into a full contact sport.

2.The Elementary Shuffle: this event takes timing, intuition, logical deduction and speed as one tries to locate ones children in one of 15 events held inside and out of the school, on two levels and in one portable.  The rotation is not in logical order and one must anticipate the rotations.  Advanced version of this event involves doing the shuffle while caught in a starwell with at least 4 classes charging to their next event.

3. The Fairness Foxtrot: this event, often combined with the elementary shuffle, requires parents to spend equal time with at least 2 children in the school, without being absent from either for too long.  The children must barely notice you left. Extra marks awarded for parents who are actually with their child who suffers an injury and no other parent is required to do the Elemenary Shuffle to repatriate patient to parent, while stopping by the office for an ice pack.

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