Sunday, May 23, 2010

What 8 1/2 Looks Like!

Yes, Jackson is FINALLY 8.5. 
We celebrated en famille with cinamon buns,an old family recipe handed down by my Auntie Pillsbury.
A shared gift (becasue you'll remember Jackson partook in gifts on Sydney's half birthday)
If you squint you can see Husband in the background
trying very hard to indulge me
and not roll his eyes.
These are the two missing Olympics mascots, which I refused to pay
 full price for and I finally picked them up for almost nothing.
(don't tell the kids the Olympics are over)
Sydney is sticking her tongue through her teeth,
just because she can.
And finally when asked, Jackson can legitimately name his age
"eight and a half".
And not say "eight and a quarter", as he has been.

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