Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Trip to the Dollar Store

Last week, the kids and I had some time to kill.  Husband was in to see the doctor for pain medication and his appointment was the we're-squeezing-you-in-because-you're-in-so-much-pain-but-we'll-make-you-sit-in-hard-chairs-to-cause-you-more-pain kind.  So time killage was required. First stop, dollar store.

I told the kids they each had $2 to spend.  They thought they had hit the jackpot as they usually have to spend their own money to buy the lead and cyanide laced crap they come home with if they can actually convince us to go in the first place.  They negotiated me up to $2.49 because I was trying to convince one of them to buy a gigantic frisbee as their choice but I ended up spending an extra $2.49 to buy that myself.

Sydney bought a notepad, of which we have about a thousand at home. Jackson bought army guys. 

You know, these kind:
Which I had not seen outside a Toy Story movie in a few decades.  But they were a good bargain. The kids are actually playing with them alot, which is keeping them  playing creatively and away from screens
The "good bargin" does not take into acccount lost wages and pain and suffering when Husband or I step on one and suffer a punture wound.

They kids had another dollar each left over and they were taken with the signs that were sold at the back of the store. The kind you find in stores  Like "No Smoking", "No exit" "Closed, please come again". 
But Jackson chose this one, which I admit is pretty funny:

Sydney looked carefully before selecting this one:
Which she explains mean "the good girls go to heaven and the bad girls do bad stuff but learn their lesson so they can go to heaven too."

I will miss 6 year old Sydney who takes everything at face value.

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Andrea said...

Too cute. We have thousands of those soldiers laying around here... the result of two Marines in the family... a few cannons too...

Sydney's sign - face value - too funny.

You're so good at this!