Friday, May 7, 2010


Earlier this week, instead of packing regular sandwhiches in the kids' lunches, I decided I'd bring them warm grilled cheese.  This of course means that the lunches are not in their backpacks in the morning and I need to drop them off at lunch so the cheese will still be gooey.  I've done this before.  I told the kids I would drop their lunches off, so I don't get emergency "where is my lunch!!!!" phone calls.

I brought the lunches just as the kids were coming in from their run-around time outside.  Sydney was equal parts relief and anger. 

"Why didn't you tell me you were bringing my lunch?"  Anger had taken over her little body.

"I did."


The teacher, Mrs. K told me after school that Sydney had been concerned that I had forgotten to send her lunch, but Mrs. K had reassured Sydney that her Mommy was quite organized and she was sure that Mommy would remember bring her lunch.

Obviously Mrs. K has not seen my desk, the floor of the van,  my side closet or our Tupperware drawer, otherwise she would not throw out accusations of organization so lightly.

Sydney told Mrs. K, with great emphasis, that no, her Mommy forgets things ALL THE TIME.  She proceeded to list them every occasion on which I have ever forgotten anything.

After school, I looked for Sydney's planner in her backpack so she could do her homework. It wasn't there.

"Sydney, did you forget your planner?"

"No. It's in my backpack."

"I can't find it."



"Well, Mrs. K didn't give it to me."

"So, it's Mrs K's fault you forgot your planner?"

Sarcasm is wasted on the young.

"Mommy, Mrs K can't help if  God didn't make her a good rememberer."

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