Friday, May 28, 2010

Pool, Meet My Children!

My preoccupation with swimming lessons for my kids continues to pay off.  They both passed to the next level of the Red Cross swim lessons. Jackson has been at the same level for YEARS.  You see, to float you need a minimum level of body fat.  Jackson has only a tiny amount in his ear lobes and between his nostrils and that does not make for easy floatation. So he has to make up for it with faster kicks.  Which he apparently, he can finally do.

Here are some shots of them enjoying the pool last weekend:
You may think Husband's only job was to catch Sydney. No, he was also the Chief Goggle and Mask Adjuster.

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Robin said...

Welcome, summer! We've had Mimi in lessons for over a year now. It's an obsession with me, too, mostly because we love water and, you know, all the safety stuff.