Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mudder's Day

Mother's Day started Friday afternoon with a tea in Jackson's class.  A bouquet of "flowers", iced tea and cookies awaited all the Moms.  And my favourite, an orignal Mother's Day poem (remember last years?)

My mom likes to cook steak because she loves to eat it, too.
My mom's favourite food is steak on the barbecue
My mom is happy when we play the Wii together.
My mom gets angry if I don't listen but I take it back after.
My mom is pretty when she wears her 2010 Olympics hoody.
I like to play Wii with my mom.
My mom is the GREATEST!

Love, Jackson
Sydney came home with gifts from school and from Sparks. And she wished me an ernest "Happy Mudder's Day" all weekend.  She was easily manipulated into extra cudddles.  She too came home with a poem -- the finish the sentence kind.  I left spelling as done by the author.

Super Mom

My mom likes to ... look at us play.
She doesn't like to .... scratch me.
I like being with my mom most when ... we watch tellavshin togeter.
My mom looks prettiest when ... she goes to cherch in a dress.
If I could give my mom something special it would be ... a kiss.
I love her very much because ... she cuddls with me evry day.
You are the best mom ever.
Love Sydney

A sweet day!


One Crafty Mother said...

LOVE the poems! So very sweet. And those pictures of you and the kids are FAN-TASTIC!!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!


Andrea said...

manipulated into extra cuddles.

A 6-year-old against an attorney.

Yeah, that seems fair.


I would too, they are delicious.

P.S. Jackson is one of my FAVORITE boy's names and I have a niece, Sydney!