Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Partially by neglect and partially by design, Husband and I have lowered our expectations of the kids' involvement in running the household.  At times we have so many battles with the J Boy we didn't relish arguing over doing assigned chores.  And so we drifted to the point where they don't really have much they do on their own.

We do ask them to help sometimes, often to clean up their own stuff, or clean their own room. Sometimes to carry in groceries or dust.  Sometimes they will comply. Sometimes we are treated to whining in stereo as one of them wants to watch Scooby Doo on TV and the other wants to play with his two best friends, Mario and Luigi.  You may know them, they are brothers.

Husband and I are perpetually behind on chores.  So when faced with a decision of asking someone to pick up their own dirty underwear 19 times or just doing it ourselves, one on those options is a lot less grey hair and aggravation.  I already have plenty of grey hair.

But tonight, we really hit a new low.

Sydney went to the bathroom and came back and said "I can't go to the bathroom Mommy, there's already pee pee in the toilet."  I knew exactly who the non flushing culprit was.

We have two children unable to even flush the toilet.  The bar is as low as it can go.

"Darn" I said. "I wish there was some way we could get all the pee pee out of the toilet. You know have all the pee pee taken away and then have fresh water put back in.  Don't you think some one should invent that?  It would be really great if it was easy to do, like if there was something you could just push and then the pee pee could be taken away and put fresh water instead.  Someone could really make a lot of money."

Jackson entered the bathroom and flushed the toilet.

"Genius!!" I said.

Sir Thomas Crapper would be so proud.


Robin said...

Oh, we can go very, very low, can't we? And your post reminded me of the level of discourse in my house, in which words like 'pee-pee' make up a large part of the vocabulary.

Haupi said...

I laughed so hard reading your post. And strangely comforted too, knowing that we are not alone at this! :)

Konnie said...

Robin, yes, it's amazing what becomes dinner conversation after you are a parent!

Haupi,thank you for laughing! And being comforted.