Friday, May 7, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

Interesting week in this house.  Let me start by saying, I am not having another freakin' baby.  It would have to be raised by bears as I am at my emotional, physical and intellectual limit with the two God blessed me with.

Husband put his back out last Saturday. He herniated a disc a year ago and somehow reaggravated it. This is not "I need to lie down for a bit" sore back. This is "every-waking-moment-stabbing-pain-I'm-lucky-I-don't-need-a-bedpan" kind of sore back. 

Fortunately Husband had a bushel of drugs left over from last year's episode.

Unfortunately forHusband, said drugs were not enough to keep the pain at bay sufficiently to even sleep, let alone follow the hockey playoffs.  Sunday afternoon we made a trip to the ER and got better drugs.  While these new drugs could be sold on the street for a substantial profit, they didn't really take away the pain, but they do make Husband somewhat drowsy and allow him to sleep some at night.

So, you must be wondering, how is your household even functioning?  Those that know Husband well, know that he is no stranger to the day to day running of a household and he carries a huge load. So lunches and homework and meals and cleanup and driving and discipline and bedtimes have all been in my province this week.

This of course would be the week I started to cook more healthfully, which not only means more prep but more cleanup. And it would also be the week the kids start swimming lessons twice per week.  Really, bad timing for a bad back.  I won't lie to you, it hasn't been easy.

Plus, and this is where the "baby makes three" comes in, I'm attending to the basic needs of Husband.   I didn't want him walking down the stairs so that meant shuttling of food, water, ice pack and heated bean bags.  He has mostly been keeping track of his own medications and going to the bathroom on his own, but otherwise, I've had an extra dependant this week. One night, he even had to wake me up so get him heated bean bags as the pain was so severe. Kind of like having a baby again.

And I will hasten to add at this point, Husband was in real pain. This wasn't "man sick" that coincided with NHL playoffs and requests for beer and nachos to be brought to him.  It was difficult to see him in pain.  Especially on Tuesday evening. We both thought he had improved enough to come downstairs for meals etc. One wrong move and he was back in excruciating pain, literally doing Lamaze breathing tecniques on the floor, waiting for it to pass.  So I don't fault him, he took over entirely last December when my healthcare investigation was in full swing.

It's day 6 of Operation Backpain, and how have the kids managed? Well, I did have a heart-to-heart-let's-all-pull-together-we-can-do-this chat on Saturday when it became evident Husband was going to spend a lot of quality time with a sizeable collection of pillows.  I had solemn assurances from both of them that they would help out and be less needy.

That good feeling lasted 10 minutes until Jackson needed help on the computer and he went to his go-to parent for computer issues: Daddy.  He tersely told us he would rather have no help than accept any of Mommy's help.

Sydney was a a little better aboud being kind to Daddy.   She made get well cards and asks after him every day after school.  She did, when she learned I was taken Husband to the hospital, ask if Daddy could die from a hurt back.  Wow, I honestly don't know half the stuff that goes on in her little head.

On Tuesday, however, when Husband was in the throws of  severe pain and the Bickersons were arguing about something RIDICULOUS right outside our bedroom door.  I told them be quiet or I would sequester them in their own rooms.  My voice was likely not very calm. Or quiet.  And my words were not so nearly that polite.

They refused to listen and Sydney started crying saying how mean I was and didn't I understand how mean Jackson was being to her already and shouldn't I be stopping Jackson's meanness instead of being mean so she now has two mean people to deal with.

But later in the week they have rallied. Jackson understands all computer questions go to Daddy but he can't come to the computer.   He has turned out to be a pretty good ice pack rotater (cold one up to Daddy, warm one down to the freezer). 

Sydney has agreed that Daddy can read her bedtime stories in his bed and she has given Daddy his share of cuddles and gamely endured a lot of hockey just to spend time with him.

And it's Mother's Day this weekend.  Which makes year two for the herniated disc has threatened to take the joy out of the celebration of mothers. But I bought myself a book and a bottle of wine and I'll plan to sneak away some hours over the weekend and toast motherhood in my own way.

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Andrea said...

I herniated a disk 18 months ago and again 6 months ago... please contact me if you would like to benefit from what I have learned...

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Sincerely - Andrea