Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes They Surprise Me

Sometimes the things my kids say surprise me. And not in a bad way.
Me: Jackson, you don't have to express every thought you have.

Jackson: But it's the truth

Me: Some thoughts you can keep to yourself.

Sydney: I think you have the same DNA as my teacher.  She says that all the time!


[in shoe store trying to decide which pair of "high heels" to buy for Sydney]

Me: Sydney which one do you like?

Sydney: Well ....

Me: I think the white ones actually fit you better. But if you REALLY REALLY REALLY love the pink ones with the flowers, we could get those.

Jackson [who I thought was too engrossed in Super Mario Brothers to be absorbing anything else] Mommy, do you just want her to get the white ones because they are cheaper?

Me: No, actually the white ones cost more.

Jackson: That is VERY unlike you.  You alway want to save money.

I present: high heeled shoes which look lovely with the pedicure I gave Sydney over the weekend:

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