Monday, April 26, 2010


A room with a view. 

We had talked for years of going to San Fransisco for our tenth anniversary --  a place neither one of us had been.   But when the time came to work out the details we agreed that a place to relax was much more suitable for our stage of life. The stage where we have little time for conversation that is not centered around swimming lessons, spelling practice and school field trips. 

When we decided on something closer to home -- Galiano Island -- and we splashed out on a spa suite at the Galiano Inn, justifying it with the savings on airfare (not to mention the winery tours).

We picked this place with a fantastic view of the ocean. Ferry boats went by all day long. But it also had a luxurious suite, high def TV, an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor bathtub. Which did seem a bit weird at first, but we enjoyed with bathing suits, choosing not to expose ourself to the passing wildlife. Or the gardener.

We enjoyed some spectacular meals in the hotel's restaurant.

Apart from that we did two of the things we did before we had kids: we golfed and  we hiked.

While my golf game has a long way to go, it was fun to be out there, even if the course was entirely too soggy.

We hiked to the top of Mt. Galiano and were treated to this spectacular view.
But most of all, we had time for conversation.

We talked about hockey.  Since we had time to watch so much hockey, we dissected every game which was especially fun to do on Friday night when Vancouver scored seven goals. 

We talked of where we were 10 years ago -- on our honeymoon on Vancouver Island.   And where we'll be in 10 years -- on the verge of retirement.

We talked about how we never imagined how life with kids would be -- not all bad, just how difficult it is to imagine what being responsible for other human beings is like.

Oh and we remembered our get away for our 5th anniversary and agreed we must do this more often than every 5 years.

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Andrea said...

GREAT pictures! I got chills reading this, what a great idea & it looked like a little piece of heaven. Especially the red wine.

Seriously, very happy for you & agree that celebrating 'us' should happen more often - it's a great thing, to love your best friend, build a home, nurture a family, have careers, and be half of a strong team.

I really like your writing.