Friday, April 2, 2010


Progress is measured in fractions of inches (or millimeters for Canadians) around here.  We don't expect or see quantum leaps.  We hope for glacial movement in the direction of civility.

Since I spend a good deal of time talking about the uncivil nonprogression, I thought I'd share a glimmer of progression.

As you know, we're in spring break around here.  We have tried to schedule activities so each day has a some distractions that do not involve Club Penguin and MarioKart Wii.  Husband generously took more than half the day off yesterday and took them to the Vancouver Aquarium. We've seen a movie, decorated Easter eggs. I've insisted on 30 minutes of REAL exercize a day, which they have been good sports about.  They had two days of camps in the mix. To keep them occupied.

But still this leaves TOO MUCH of the 2 screen distractions the J Boy covets so much.  And too much of a good thing leads to incivil behaviour.

Hey, wasn't this blog about progress??

So THREE times in the past 2 days, I have told Jackson he cannot have some such screen or game because of his manner of speaking.  You know what he did??

After the obligatory registration of complaint, he went and found something to do. 

Yesterday, he went on the hunt for cardboard and built a Puffle Kingdom.
What is  Puffle Kingdom? A place for Puffles to live.
What is a Puffle?
And the best part is he invited his sister to play with him. Progress!

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