Thursday, April 1, 2010

Important Announcement

I gathered the kids this morning to let them know about big changes about to happen in our family.

"We are taking you out of school. I am going to home school you."

They were stunned into uncharateristic silence.

"Daddy and I think this is best for your education.  But, I'll be honest. It is going to mean A  LOT MORE HOMEWORK."

Jackson was looking for an air sickness bag.

"I will be quitting my job. That means, we'll have to move to a much smaller house."

"YAH!!! We're moving!!!" Sydney shouted.

Jackson was thinking.  I think I could actually hear the wheels turn.

"And, we'll sell the van. So we'll walk a lot."

"Huh??" Sydney asked.

"And we'll take the bus sometimes."

Jackson examined my face VERY carefully, looking for signs. Of untruthfulness.

"APRIL FOOL'S!!" I shouted.

"Is it April 1st??" Jackson asked. "There is all kinds of stuff to do on Club Penguin today."

"Does this mean we're not moving?" Sydney asked. "Wait a sec, what did Jackson say about Club Penguin?"

I always thought  a sense of humour was a powerful thing in parenting.  I thought I might get an appreciative nod at least.  Maybe even a "good one, Mommy!"

Oh well, not like anyone thanks me for the unlimited supply of clean underwear either.

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