Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Husband and I were driving to my brother and sister in law's to pick up the kids after our anniversary trip away.  As we drove up, we saw Jackson waiting in the window.  This is a bit usual.

The J Boy is not really a waiter. He's a do-er. As in "has-to-be-doing-something-all-the-freakin'-time-or-he'll-combust". He does not like waiting for food, for red lights or for an answer to a question.

When he spotted our van, he jumped up and down and we saw that he was wearing his jacket. As we entered the house, we realized he was also wearing his backpack and had his sleeping back stuffed between his back and his pack so it was trailing around behind him.  He obviously was prepared for a fast get-away.

He said those words that every parent wants to hear after a 4 day absense:

"Where are my shoes?"

As Jackson started circling the house looking for shoes, with his sleeping bag trailing behind him like a bridal train, Sydney arrived at the door and realized she was behind in the lets-go-home-with-Mommy-and-Daddy sweepstakes and she frantically started looking for her stuff. 

My brother invited us to stay to watch the hockey game (PLAYOFFS!!) but in the time he took to utter those words, the kids were already strapped into their booster seats.  They wanted to go home.

They had a great time with their cousins though and Jackson reported "I don't know why, but whenever we sleep over at our cousins, we like to get up at 5:45 and talk."   They apparently also had lots of outdoor time, played Wii, had Chinese food twice and both ate some carrots -- the latter to mixed reviews.

Jackson started regaling a story of how he felt picked on by his cousin and sister and we did what good parents all over do: we brought out the candy.  Instead of buying junky toys which are destined hover around the family room floor for Husband or I to suffer a puncture wound, we bought candy for the ride home.

The kids didn't argue and Jackson forgot about his grievances.  They even shared treats without a whiff of complaint.  The candy also increased the minutes that Husband and I could listen to the hockey game on the radio.

Then Sydney said "I'm suspicious."

"Of what?"  we asked.

"How come you guys are giving us candy?" Sydney questioned.

"Yeah, I was having the exact same thought" Jackson added.

Did they think we were buttering them up because we had news to break to them? To actually make good on my threat to send them to homework camp?  We told them it was the treat we brought them back.  They seemed satisfied.

Soon Jackson was jabbering away and told us why he was waiting so anxiously for our return: he hadn't had many screens while at his cousins. While we had brought beloved MarioKart Wii game along, we hadn't really processed and therefore forewarned Jackson, that his progress would not be saved on a different Wii console.  He was worried all his progress was lost forever and wanted to check that out at home. He had also not touched a computer or his DS in 3 days.  That is a lot of screens to do without.

He was like a a junkie waiting for a fix.

"What did you miss more while we were gone, your screens or your parents?" I bravely asked.

Jackson said without hesitation "It's a tie."

I don't think we can do any better than that with an 8 year old boy.

Sydney told his she missed us 'way more' than screens and was perterbed that her brother didn't feel likewise.

Good to be home.

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