Thursday, April 8, 2010

48 Reasons to Celebrate!

Last year I counted blessings on my birthday. I have all the same blessings this year and I still feel fortunate for so much. But I won't repeat myself.

I could talk about the wisdom and patience{snort} that comes with increased mileage. About how I'm happier, more confident and fulfilled than when I was 25 (which is all true).

But I am going to talk about that every increasing number.  As time marches forward and the age increases, my discomfort increases. 

It's not enough that I'm sounding like someone from another generation  -- "stop nattering!" "wait until your father gets home!" --  or that my hands look like mottled, dry and old.  I happen to be at an age some people  (but not me) consider middle aged.

It can be a lot to handle.  The middle age spread has started (prematurely in my case) and I think I may have missed the years that my complexion is supposed to be blemish free.

But today I choose to celebrate that I reached the age of {deep breath} 48.  I have friends who never made it to 48.  Two in particular whose lives ended prematurely by cancer who would have dearly loved to see the number 48 on their birthday cakes.

So today I consider it a privilege to reach 48 and will start now planning a big party for 50!


DramaMama86 said...

Konnie, you look great and if you ask me, "middle age" hasn't caught up with you at all. I'm right behind you at 41 and I also have friends who didn't make it out of their 30's who would love to be where I'm sitting now.

Happy Birthday!

Konnie said...

Thanks DM86!

Andrea said...

I am stealthily approaching 47. A good friend's wife just got brain cancer. You're absolutely right, I got NOTHIING to complain about. Every minute is a gift.

I am so happy to have met you again - I admire your sense of humor and approach to general life. I feel much the same way about our spawn.

Hug to you